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Curves for Women Fitness Center - Top Productive Activities

We all know that experts have already made dozen of extremely compelling arguments about the benefits of weight training for women. Despite that, not many women take these advices seriously. I visited quite a number of gyms and fitness centers and I could see very similar, almost identical picture everywhere I went. This forced me to give out this short but strong arguments you can use to really improve fast. This curves for women fitness center activities are proved in practice as well in theory by science on fitness / women body shaping .

Most women are spending most of their exercise time on cardio exercise machines, and less time doing weight lifting exercises. Cardiovascular exercising has its place and benefits but please do take few minutes for this reading IF you are women who desire great looking, sexy and healthy body because you will benefit a lot. No " energie fitness for women " or other wain phrases will help you get fast and good results without being properly motivated and guided.

First thing you should understand is that proper weight lifting has few times greater potency to challenge and shape your body. In this article I will try to give you eight reasons which make you think and can help you decide what is best for you.

You have options and you owe it to yourself to explore them. There are specific women only fitness centers now available, ten years before only it was not the same so use this for your benefit! However, you still need to find the right routine that will allow your body and mind to grow rather than doing the same old program mechanically which probably makes you stagnating more or less.....

1) You will Shape Up and Burn Fat.

There are already dozen of scientific studies about how women body responds on resistance training. More or less they all show that average woman lifting weights 2-3 times a week will gain about 2-2.5 pounds of muscle and will lose 3.5-4.5 pounds of fat in average two months period. As your lean muscle tissue increases so does your metabolism rate does too! Result is that your body uses more calories 24h a day. Keep in mind that for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 40 to 50 more calories

2) Great Looking and Stronger!

If you don't need to increase your overall bodily strength than O.K. this is not new for you. But for majority of women today living a modern lifestyle increase of strength is very useful benefit of resistance training. This will make you far less dependent upon others for assistance in daily living. Just think about lifting your kids, groceries, laundry and all other everyday activity you will perform with far less effort with strength level increase. This is real energie fitness for women result. When your maximum strength is increased, daily tasks and routine exercise will be far less likely to cause injury. You may be pleased to know that research has proved that women can increase strength level from 30 to 50 %

3) Decrease Osteoporosis Risk.

Scientific medical research results are showing that weight training increase spinal bone mineral density by 14.5% in the half a year time period. If you add to this adequate amount of dietary calcium, can be your best defense against osteoporosis.

4) Reduce Your Risk Of Injury, Back Pain & Arthritis.

I hope you are not thinking about the great, sexy and attractive look of your figure without being aware about importance of the joints and connective tissues. You strength training not only build stronger muscles but it increases joint stability. This is great help in preventing different kind of injuries people face all the time.
A recent 12-year study showed that strengthening the low-back muscles had an 80 percent success rate in eliminating or alleviating low-back pain

5) NO, You won't Bulk like a Beast!

This is common misconception sold to general public by media. Please understand, compared to men, women have 10 to 30 times less of the hormones responsible for muscle growth. If you accept this curves for women fitness center activities you will see how absurd like are this claims you can be faced with .Therefore women don't gain size from strength training. You would need great effort and tons of steroids, anabolic supplements and other crap injecting to your body in order to move even one step towards the look of that professional ugly bodybuilding women you see in magazines and on TV. With proper system like Women Body Shaping Success you will develop needed muscle tone and definition in no time and look great - NOT like bulked animal or Hulk.

6) Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease and Diabetes.

According to Dr. Barry A. Franklin, of William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, weight training can improve cardiovascular health in several ways, including lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol, increasing HDL ("good") cholesterol and lowering blood pressure In addition, Dr. Franklin noted that weight training may improve the way the body processes sugar, which may reduce the risk of diabetes. Adult-onset diabetes is a growing problem for women and men. Research indicates that weight training can increase glucose utilization in the body by 23 percent in four months.

7) Improve Your Self Confidence, Focus of the Mind and Quality of Sleep.

These are just the side effects of adding proper weight lifting program in to your life schedule. It is very interesting that surveys show that even those women who do indulge in the resistance training only ones a week also report some of this improvements. I thought this may sound not so serious to some of you but than I remembered few women and their examples. I tell you this is very good benefit too.

Over the last few years, "Women Only" , " energie fitness for women " centers have become popular. Why? If you read this article content it is clear. Finding a good fitness center with best curves for women fitness center activities and exercise program should be a priority to you.

All the Best,

Sasha James

Women Muscle Building Workouts :

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Just One Male Muscle Building Success Story

Check out this most INCREDIBLE success story emailed to me: "Hello Vince,

I have finished training 6 months with your program, No Nonsense Muscle Building and I got some very satisfying results! Inclosed in this email are 2 pictures, my before picture taken November 1, 2007 and my final picture taken May 1, 2008.

I am extremely happy with the result and now that I have trained my ass off I know that I can only achieve higher results and a more sculpted body.

I followed your program like my life depended on it and I think that made all the difference in the world. At first, it was very hard for me to "let go" of my previous beliefs of bodybuilding but I trusted in your program, the words you wrote and followed it as planned.

I had been liked in school and did not have a hard time making friends, but I wanted to impress the girls and I was ashamed to take my shirt off when we went to the pool or beach.

Starting out I weighed 149.5 pounds (as of 11/02/07) Final weight in today (188.1 Pounds)

I gained over 35 pounds of muscle and am not intimated by the other "gym rats" People are taking notice of my gains, saying, 'Wow I have never seen an exercise like that, can you show me!' I did not skip meals in fact I even ate more than 6 meals a day sometimes. I made it into a competition with myself to see if I could eat more than I had the previous day. Starting out at just 2,000 calories a day I was able to eat over 6,000 calories. It has helped me gain an incredible amount of muscle and add size to my frame.

I can only hope that I will continue to build even more muscle and get up to my goal of 195 pounds. It has been a long, tough, last 6 months but my hard work has paid off. I want to thank you again for putting together such an amazing, easy to follow program. Your DVD added onto the program enhances the overall programs value 2 fold. If I had to pay 107 dollars all over for the " deluxe package " I would pay plus more!

Thanks again Vince for giving me the confidence to believe in myself, change my outlook on life, and more importantly get the girl of my dreams :) - I have been going out with her 2 months now it has meant the most to me to be able to achieve such a high level of sucess following your guidance, tips, advice and outstanding program. I love going to the gym, changing up my rep schemes every few weeks, changing exercises it has made all the difference in the world!" Your friend, Mike Williams

WOW! Let's all give Mike a round of applause - you should be proud of yourself bro and I know you will be one of the great ones!

Click here to get the same results as Mike:


So what can we learn from Mike's story?

1. He is just like you - he wanted to impress the opposite sex.
2. He was ashamed to take off his shirt at the beach of pool.
3. He trained his a$$ off.
4. He followed the program like his life depended on it!
5. He "let go" of his previous beliefs on bodybuilding.
6. He trusted the program.
7. He followed the plan.
8. He is now inspiring people at his gym.
9. He did not skip meals.
10. He progressed his calories from 2000 to 6000 over time.
11. He gained 35 lbs in 6 months by cycling his reps the way I showed him.
12. He is now dating the girl of his dreams.
13. He loves going to the gym now.

I think it's safe to say that Mike has become a NEW MAN, would you agree?!

I am also confident that Mike will climb to his next goal of 195 pounds and maintain his lean and athletic frame and contine to fill out and get stronger and fitter.

Click here to get the same results as Mike:

As modestly as I can say, Mike is right, the FOUR HOUR digital DVD that I include in the package increases the value of the package 2 fold - I would say 10 fold :)

Mike's email hit a soft spot on me because his story is very similar to mine. I, too, was 22 years old when I gained the similar amount of muscle mass in 6 months and it changed my life - inside and out.

If you have a success story you would like me to share then please send it to my personal email address

If you want to be the next success story then MAN UP and order my No Nonsense Muscle Building program and get started with the first 29 week program at

Train hard and expect success,

Sasha James

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fast " Eat to Grow Muscle "Stategy

Eat to grow muscle questions can be quite confusing if not addressed properly . I assume you already use some kind of Nutritional Calculator for getting your nutrition profile. If you did not start that I will suggest better you start looking for one. In this article I will also provide you with the exact amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats you need to consume each day to burn that fat away and build muscle as efficiently as possible.

Once you are clear about your macronutrient profile, you should make sure that your Diet Plan is filled with best food choices possible. You can buy quite expensive ones or use free nutritional calculating sites but if you ask me I recommend one you receive with our muscle building program since it is user friendly, efficient and very professionally made . Science knows how do muscles grow so all we do is done according to the newest scientific facts.

In this article I want to explain about those food types I believe must be included in diet plan of a serious athlete. If you want to ensure the best results possible from training high quality diet is something you must have. And that is not hard and expensive to achieve, you will see.

Goal of that diet plan is to build a highly efficient body and it applies to all Sporting disciplines not only to Bodybuilding. How to eat to grow muscle plan is important what ever Sport discipline you take serious , your aim should be to allow your body to become perfect machine of pristine health that excels in athletic performance. The key aspect of efficient nutrition is food choice. Many bodybuilders just don't understand the great importance of consuming a variety of whole foods in their diet. They become narrow in their choices made under the influence of various commercial body building magazines and it usually means chicken breasts, white rice and green beans. If you are one of these people, then you are probably stopping your own advancement.

You must not be a PhD to understand that synergistic interaction from an array of nutrients enhance biological functions at the cellular level and that makes a foundation for optimum nutrition nothing else. Best results in your muscle mass building you can achieve only with wide variety of food choices. Here I will give you a list (in alphabetical order) of high quality eat to grow muscle food and keep in mind that each of those provides a multitude of benefits. Here they are.

Apples: Yes! They are great source of pectin; a natural fiber that is essential to healthy regulation of blood fats and cholesterol in body. Apple helps to stabilize blood glucose (and insulin) levels. For anybody who wants fast muscle growth, stable blood glucose and insulin levels are crucial in order to maintaining the anabolic drive. (That is supporting muscle growth and fat loss at the same time) Big % of natural vitamin C, makes apple powerful food that protects cells from damage. But vitamin C also aids in the absorption of iron and folate; two essential nutrients for optimum energy production. One apple throughout the day is a great and tasty snack that provides you reach your physique goals.

Broccoli: All vegetables are packed up with unique elements that are essential to optimum nutrition. Broccoli sticks out because it provides more benefits than most other vegies. Broccoli is rich source of bioavailable vitamins and minerals (such as beta-carotene, calcium, potassium, folate and natural fiber), but it also contains a spectrum of phytonutrients. I tell you this is unique plant because of powerful benefits from phytochemicals and polyphenols that scientists are only just starting to understand.
These compounds help improve insulin sensitivity of muscle, promote efficient heart function under the stress of exercise, and provide a spectrum of antioxidants that protect against excessive cellular damage caused by intense training programs. Broccoli is one food you can never get too much of.

Blueberries: Want long healthy life? For all of us with same goal blueberries should be a common part of diet. Blueberries contain a rich in a spectrum of nutrients and low in calories. The potency of the antioxidants and phytonutrients contained within this fruit are much higher than others. Many researches prove great benefits this fruit has on brain functions. Memory, cognition and protection against deterioration are main fields where great improvements are measured on regular Blueberries lovers. If brain is not sharp and healthy we remain just bag of bones and meat, do not forget that.

Beans: You should take them all! Red, pinto, black and kidney all of them are just an excellent low-fat source of key minerals (copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and the B-group vitamins). Legumes provide fiber that is highly important for anybody with goal of building massive muscles and keeping the fat levels low. It is because the fiber from beans when taken swells in the intestine, making you feel more satisfied from the meal. Also for digestion and processing of body use up and burns a lot of calories. This in needed to keep the metabolism elevated and ensure fat-burning potential. It is scientifically proven than legumes rich diet keeps cholesterol level normal and protect against heart disease!

Low fat, protein-rich dairy foods: A substantial amount of scientific research has accumulated over recent years that support a rather unlikely concept. The intake of dairy calcium has a profound influence on how easily an individual gains or sheds body fat. A high intake of dairy-based calcium not only protects against body fat accumulation, it enables a person to utilize (burn) more fat for energy. The best source of calcium that provides this beneficial effect on fat metabolism is low-fat, protein-rich dairy foods.
Foods such as skim milk, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese fall into this category. However, maybe this is one reason why some supplements have such a profound effect on body composition. If you use one that contains a spectrum of low fat, dairy proteins you are on right track. If you're trying to get into shape, regular servings of low fat dairy proteins will boost dairy calcium intake and ensure more efficient fat loss.

So this is how do muscles grow :-) One out of 10 Hot Bonuses you get with our muscle mass building program is called empowered nutrition. I can imagine you more than happy with this 84 day healthy meal plans. We are giving you here unique 84 day meal plans with a variety of food. That's 12 full weeks of no-guesswork, just... healthy eating.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Best Diet for the Fast Muscle Building Routines

This is 2nd part of valuable information on best things you should have in your diet in order to achieve maximum from your muscle building routines. In this part I want to explain those foods that I believe must be included in diet plans of all serious athletes. If you want to ensure you get the best results possible from training, high quality diet is something you must have.

Olive oil: The potency of olive oil and its bioactive properties have been recently confirmed in research. Olive oil lowers blood pressure, improves blood cholesterol and promotes good fat metabolism. via the mitochondria in cells by helping to release energy as heat. It has elements that provide powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

ATTENTION: It is proved that processed olive oils do not contain the bioactive phenolics. However, virgin and extra virgin olive oils contain an abundance of these valuable compounds. So be sure the olive oil you use every day is virgin or extra virgin oil.

Lean red meat: This is question and kind of unsolved issue I must admit. While majority weight lifters do proclaim meat, especially lean red meat, as unavoidable ingredient in rich diet. But there are numerous studies that show opposite results too. I will leave this up to you. About meat you surely know a lot. But I must warn you do not overlook the negative effects meat eating on anabolic processes in the body and also on general health. My personal example shows that it is more than possible to build and keep massive muscle mass without meat as regular part of a diet. There are quite few great examples of vegetarian weight lifters, steel I'm fully aware that majority of people are not able or willing to experiment in this direction.

Cold water fish: Salmon, sardines and tuna fish all are just good. If you want to have protein-rich diet, you should make sure that the your protein is a nutritious as possible. Besides they are good source of protein, they are a fair source of omega-3 fatty acids, which I believe are essential for good nutrition for all athletes. Benefits of omega-3 are best for weight lifters and bodybuilders. These essential fats are shown to reduce inflammation, enhance fat utilization during exercise and block the major pathway of muscle breakdown. I don't think that you can meet omega-3 requirements only from food, but including cold water fish as a big part of your protein intake is a good start. If possible, choose the wild varieties of these types of fish; they are less likely to contain unwanted chemicals.

Sweet potatoes: Did you ever wandered about the deep orange-yellow color of sweet potatoes? This is a sign of rich nutritious content. Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene and vitamin C, B-6, B12 and potassium. You must like their delicious taste specially when baked. Sweet potatoes are virtually fat-free and low in calories. Ditch the pale traditional spud for the power-packed sweet potato and reap the benefits.

Tomato juice: is effective in reducing fatigue because it contain high % of lycopene, an antioxidant that also provides strong protection against heart disease and certain types of cancer. But be balanced in quantities while drinking it since it is easy to exceed your calorie intake. However, a 200-250ml serving of tomato juice each day is the equivalent of natures power-packed vitamin supplement. Fresh is best but some of the bottled are also very good.

Hopefully by now, you got idea of the importance of nutritious, whole foods and the powerful benefits it can have on your health and muscle building routines results.

Keep this in mind: the more you strive for a holistic approach in your diet and incorporate a variety of whole foods into your eating plan, the more powerful the benefits of supplementation become.

One of the Bonuses you get with our Fast Muscle Building Routines program is called Empowered Nutrition. I can imagine you more than happy with this 84 Day HEALTHY Meal Plans. It is called "The Hardgainers Secret Weapon" not without the reason. It gives you unique 84 day meal plans with a variety of food. That's 12 full weeks of no-guesswork, just... healthy eating. All point is to help you achieve complete control of how much muscle you gain.

Train Hard but Smart !!!

Sasha James

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3 Tips for the Male Muscle Building Success !

What are the causes of muscle growth?

To make your muscles grow in size and strength , three things are required.
There are essencial thing to all things we do. For the male muscle building three main factors are required to promote fast muscle growth:

1. A Stimulus to the muscles - Weight lifting is needed to make the muscles work, use up the energy from body and cause microscopic damage to the muscle fibers.

2. Proper Nutrition - for having success with intense exercise program the muscles need to replenish their stocks of fuel.

3. Rest - muscles repair the microscopic damage and they do grow during the rest or recovery phase.

Here are the supplements I can recommend from experiance. They are so potent if properlly used together with the complete male muscle building workout program and good diet.

Creatine :

This is a never ending source for positive health and muscle-building benefits for your muscle growth . It is important to use plenty of liquid , water is still the best, that will make you even stronger and able to lift heavier and advance more and even recover faster. Good lean muscle gains is easy to achieve with this, and that facilitates you to work more and go for better and better muscle growth stimulation.

Protein Powders:

Whey Isolate Powder is the best food supplement you can take to help repair and growth of muscle tissue after an intense exercise program. Casein Protein is to be taken just before going to sleep at night . It's a slow digesting Protein and it is best to supply the body with a continuous flow of amino acids for repair the "damage" in the tissue and to stimulate the growth through the night while you sleep.

Muscles are gaining size and weight due to hypertrophic adaptation and an increase in the cross section area of individual muscle fibers. Intensive training impacts more on the strength influencing fast twitch type II fibers, therefore the increase in muscle size is resulting with greater strength of your muscles.

There are various other supplements like various amino acids, protein bars, growth hormone, and a huge selection of multi vitamins, all with varying ingredients focuses to help promote muscle growth. Growth Hormone is released by the pituitary gland and causes our growth, particularly during our teenage years when we hit puberty. In time, this hormone functions slows down, but if we take it in clever and scientific way as a supplement to our nutrition , we witness a significant increase in growth in muscles and sometimes in bone growth as well. This is a popular choice for muscle building supplements, since the results are very stunning and often surprise people with repeated use.

Protein bars are a safe and delicious way to help promote muscle growth. Many people love to eat them in order to help stave off hunger and provide the body with an extra boost of energy, without sugar or fat. Protein Bars are made by hundreds of different companies, so you should be able to find one you like with a few different tries.

How to increase muscle size ?

You must really Go Heavy and Work Hard ! As much you attack your muscles you'll damage more fibers and force them to rebuild bigger and stronger. Off course it is clever to use good advices from real life athletes with experience and knowledge. You noticed already that it is not easy to separate quality from crap nowadays, especially for not experienced athletes. Created was the power male muscle building
system. Back to the theme , basic things to achieve muscle growth are :

1. Heavy weights.

2. Low repetitions (6-8).

3. Long rest periods (2-4 mins).

The low reps affect muscle fibers in a unique way that causes maximum muscle growth. The heavier the weight, the more muscle fibers are used.

This type of training also stimulates our natural levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the ''muscle growth'' hormone!

I prefer doing compound exercises for this type of training like the squat, the bench press and the shoulder press. You can use a lot of weight in these movements to strongly stimulate muscle growth.

A study published in 1997 found that knocking out the myostatin gene in mice enabled them to grow bigger muscles. Studies on cattle also found that those that were naturally bulky produced less Myostatin protein. The scientists believe these latest findings show that the same process works in humans.

They also believe that techniques used to block this gene in mice could be used on humans, including those who have difficulty developing muscles.

"This is the first evidence that Myostatin regulates muscle mass in people as it does in other animals," said Dr Se-Jin Lee, professor of molecular biology and genetics.

So , I hope this three elements are already fully present in your routines. If not please do consider this , you will see improvements very fast. It took me quite some time to find exact balance and best male muscle building program for myself but when I finally did I packed 25lbs of lean muscle mass in just three months.

Here is another Video you can like and use to enhance your muscle gains and advancement .

Author: Sasha James

Web Site:


You can download my Free eBook and contact me with any questions you may have.
I'll be more than happy to help you get near to your muscle building goals fast....

OR ...

You can read more useful articles at

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Double Your Muscle Mass Building Workouts Results

Having difficulty to simply get up and head your way towards the gym? Well, you are not alone. For most people, it takes a lot of mental energy and commitment to jump and move towards the gym on time. Muscle mass building workouts are demanding specially if you didn't master the strategy and effective , fast working set of weekly muscle building workouts which work for you.

But also, to show up is in the gym is only half the battle, because physically being present and being focused on giving 100% to your workouts is not the same. If you are getting little older (like me) and/or have to deal with every day duties and family life, to overcome this mental blocks is even more important to you. We all know that coming home after work and than having to deal with everyday house hold life is stressful and can really hinder your training progress. It is very difficult for most of us to jump on to muscle mass building workouts if you've put in 8, 10, or 12 hours at your work. I want to share with you something that can help you overcome this obstacle.

I remember clearly when I was just starting out going to my office work only problem I had with going to office every day was that it got in the way of my workout schedule. Before that, I simply took care about school work and trained. Oh, how I missed those days when I had all the time in the world and most of it was dedicated to working out. But then the things changed completely! I'm sure nobody has to explain how it feels to come home after 10 or 12 hour long working hours filed with stress.

Those first 5 or 6 weeks were ugly. When returning to my home, only thing I could do is simply collapse on the couch, dead to the world with no motivation to get up and head to the gym. But it was intolerable and soon I had to figure out a way to get back my energy level and enthusiasm. I was feeling death without my workouts! I somehow started again going to the gym and my muscle mass building workouts
schedule was very bitter experience. This phases and forms of struggle I would not like you to visit even in your dreams.


One day as I came home from work as usual, but due to the electricity failure I was forced to take a really cold shower (I never did that before). As soon I finished, I realized a huge difference! I was super refreshed and ready to give my best and reach all goals I set on my weekly muscle building workouts. Cold shower woke me right up and I felt energized and refreshed.

Did you ever try this? You should try out this one simple trick to get your energy levels up. Yeah, it takes 10 minutes more of your time since most of us like to shower after the workout I know. If you try you will feel how powerful this is and what a boost it will give to your advancement.

This one is simple and simple things are the best ones. I still do it to this day before I work out. I'll take my pre-workout shakes 15 minutes before my shower and after I get out, I feel good and clean. My workouts are fresh and energized. I can thank to this same freshness of mind that I came to perfect muscle mass building workouts system I was searching for myself. The way I look at it, is if you find something that works for you, use it and get the most from it. On some days I do skip my "cold shower therapy" because I don't feel so tired etc. But I can see, I always have a better workout if I take a shower before my workouts.

If you find yourself tired and lazy after a hard days work, try taking a shower before your muscle mass building workouts. I'm positive you'll notice a big difference in the way you feel before your workouts. Specially if you get to good effective weekly muscle building workouts you will advance so fast just by applying this simple thing.

Here is a Video you can use :

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What are the Best Muscle Building Supplements


I can be sure that you are kind of searching 4the best answer to this question.

Best muscle building supplements are needed to all who are serious to gain large muscle fast BUT there is a HUGE mess of information overload we have all around us.

So how to be sure about what are the Best Muscle Building Supplements we can use? If you ask me , I got so much benefit from informations presented in this Video.

Have fun, train hard and ENJOY results.....

You can build up Massive and Strong Body fast, without risking your health. Sasha's advices saved time, money and good health to many Athletes. His dedication, profound experience and personal example are causing the difference. Visit the web page to claim your Free copy of
Gain Big Muscles Fast e-Book.