Saturday, August 2, 2008

How I Came To The Fast Muscles Gain Method

You are not inspired for going to the gym today? Are you maybe getting tired of not seeing results from your workouts? Despite you try hard to follow exercise routine and diet it seems you don't advance fast. Many people are facing this exact same problem while trying to build muscle tone, burn that extra fat and gain muscle. I had hard time to find fast, effective method to fast muscles gain.. Here is how I came to the solution.

Sure, I tried so many things; internet is filled with "ultimate, best, magical" solutions in various forms. I don't know why but results from different systems, supplements and methods I purchased were just to slow and weak. I'm sure you also work hard at the gym and you want to see results, needless to ask, isn't it? After 16 months of struggle I really got frustrated and this was what gave me strong drive to get out from the stagnation fast.

In my intense search for the fast muscles gain method I came across the study which was done several years ago. It showed that one of the best ways to build muscle tone fast is to change the speed at which you lift the weights during your weight training session. To get maximum results, one should slow down the weight lifting movements they say and here is how they explained why.

By slowing the speed and rate at which you move a weight, you reduce the natural momentum of the weight training movement which stimulates the muscles to work harder. In this way your muscles are forced to work more, you make Fast Muscles Gain in terms of building muscle tone and muscle mass. I tried implementing all I learned about this method and soon I found it really has strong impact on quality of my workouts. Soon I discovered that this type of weightlifting keep the heart rate up during weight training sessions which gives great cardiovascular benefits.

Quite few proponents of "slow resistance training" method for building muscle tone fast believe the cardiovascular benefits of this approach are superior to aerobic training. They also explain that this is one of the fastest ways to burn excess fat while building muscle tone and muscle mass. Well, I must admit there is a lot truth in this.

So how you can start with this super slow workout method?

You can use either free weights or machines, as you like. But, many experienced weight lifters emphasize that weight lifting machines are more time consuming and there is a need you master different safety features in order to work hard without getting injured. There are different levels but for the start best one is ten / four seconds one. It is suggested that you lift up the weight over the period of ten seconds and then lower it for a count of four seconds. Fast muscles gain is a results you will get very soon if you give a chance to this.

If your main goal is to build muscle tone best is you start with set of twelve repetitions for each exercise. Take care you have a full range of motion and good movement form. One good advice you may find very useful for maintaining good form, is that you lower the weight you normally use by about 20%. In that way you will be able to give your best. Watch for your breathing. Be sure to keep your breathing steady throughout each set.

When I switched to this "slow" method I finally started advancing. This method gave me great results in quite short time periods. But in few months I came to my first plateau level. I was so happy since my body really transformed so much but then I also started feeling there is something missing in my routines. I wanted to keep up with this advancement rate.

In order to make that happen I was forced to research more. Soon it became clear that I'm not the "only one" who is getting benefits of this method. There are experts who joined this and other methods together with proven principals and strategies all aimed at getting fast muscles gain results in shortest time possible.

Fortunately we live in this wonderful age of information's where we can get to the things we want and need quite fast. Internet gives as power of knowledge and in my opinion it is just a question of learning to differentiate between genuine and false sources of knowledge which keeps us stagnating.

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