Sunday, August 3, 2008

What is the Fastest Way to Gain Muscle?

There are so many programs on how to gain weight and muscle mass around nowadays. Many people do want to find out what is the fastest way to gain muscle. It is confusing and frustrating for those who are searching for proved and high quality system. You see, when I decided to transform my body from quite ugly looking to attractive and muscular one in shortest time possible, I could not imagine difficulties and useless, time wasting programs I will be faced with.

I lost so much time, energy and money before I got to the point. I don't know about you but I had faith in bodybuilding magazines and things they advertise and recommend. No, please do not think I did stupid things like jumping from one system to another. I worked hard in the gym and outside doing all what they recommend to people. I changed routines only when I stagnated more than three months. Steel I was far away from knowing for sure what is the fastest way to gain muscle.

Supplements are main and essential part of that huge false propaganda all around as and yes, I was faithful consumer of different supplements like creatine, meal replacements, different protein powder mixtures as well as fat burners. Monthly I had about 800$ expenditure on special diets and supplements. I had hard time to earn so much extra money but my strong desire kept me finding new ways and means to do that.

I was frustrated because I had weak results, whatever I tried. I gained only 23lbs of new muscle mass in 28 months which is not at all spectacular result if you compared to amount of time, energy and money I invested. It all changed when I moved to another part of town and I had to find another gym. That was easy , only 2 blocks away I found perfect one. I started going there doing my thing and soon I made friends with Mike and Chad. Because or their massive and ripped bodies I was convinced they are steroid users and but I was so desperate already that I really wanted to consider even that option in order to gain more muscle mass. I didn't know they are having in their hands all answers I was searching for.

In few short months my illusion and slavery to inefficient workout programs was destroyed and transformed in to fulfillment of my fitness goals. I don't know about you but it took me a while to come to real stuff. From the day I started doing things right I never stopped growing, increasing lifts and strength and I feel so good! I gained 43lbs in first nine month with less time and struggle and without all that fancy and useless supplements!

It turned out that Mike, Chad and few other guys and girls from my new gym are following muscle building system which I have heard few times about but never in magazines so that complete answer on my "how to gain muscle mass" question was literally in front of my nose all the time! It is just that they didn't claim that they know what is the fastest way to gain muscle. You can say I was young and stupid, I can justify myself like that too, but over the years I could see same or very similar things happening to all kinds of people.

People in different ages and social structures search for answer to this same question but they are being very often misled in their attempts to find out what is the fastest way to gain muscle and enjoy the results. They become followers of incomplete exercise programs and addicts on muscle building supplements as I had been. We all decide for ourselves and I know this will help you so much specially if you are somewhere in beginning of your muscle building / fitness journey.

You can build up Massive and Strong Body Fast, without expensive supplements. Many do not, BUT I want you to know exact and proven system. Feel free to download my How to Gain Muscle Mass Free e-Book & Video's.

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